Mayoral election petition labelled ‘farcical’ by London chiefs

The Mayoral election petition has been blasted by London politicians
The Mayoral election petition has been blasted by London politicians

A petition calling for all UK citizens to be allowed a vote in the next London mayoral elections has been branded “silly” and “farcical”.

The petition, started by Lorraine Davis, claims that voters outside of London should have their say in 2020 because the Mayor of London’s decisions have a “roll-on effect” on the rest of the UK.

London politicians have criticised the petition.

Len Duvall, leader of the London Assembly Labour group, said: “This is a silly petition that does not stand-up to scrutiny and betrays a misunderstanding of the role of the mayor and how our electoral system works.

“It’s no wonder it has only so far attracted a limited number of signatures.”

The petition has so far just over 6,600 signatures but needs at least 10,000 for the government to respond and 100,000 for it to be debated in Parliament.

Mr Duvall added: “This petition would also remove the democratic right of Londoners to remain the sole voice when choosing who should represent them and work towards their best interests. It’s farcical and unworthy of any more attention.”

Andrew Boff, London Assembly member hoping to be the Conservative candidate at the next mayoral elections, was also quick to criticise the petition.

Mr Boff said: “Not a single politician in London will support this petition.

“If people want to vote in the London elections they can move here, that’s how democracy works.

“It has nothing to do with people in the rest of the UK, just like what happens in Hull, for example, has nothing to do with me.”

Mr Boff blamed “anti-London” sentiment for the petition and said that the Capital is “propping up” the rest of the country.

He continued: “I get angry with people criticising London and Londoners.

“London is the economic powerhouse of the UK propping up the rest of the country.

“It is because of our fantastic city that the rest of the country can live.”

Cover image by Garry Knight (Creative Commons).