Dining Out: Burger & Lobster in the City of London


After rushing about the City all day in the glaring sunshine, choosing what to eat or where to go, might seem more of a chore, than a pleasure. That said, if your looking for somewhere to cool off,  refresh and relax for an hour or two, you wouldn’t be wasting your time, paying a visit to one of the nine ‘Burger and Lobster‘ restaurants scattered across London.

If you want simple and uncomplicated, Burger and Lobster is your place. There’s no need to go into any great detail about what’s on offer; the clues in the name and perfect for summer feasting!

We arrived at the restaurant hot, bothered and in desperate need of a drink! Katalin, our lovely host, instantly attended to our needs, bringing us the drinks list and drawing our attention to what she considered the most refreshing cocktails on the menu. Being a rum and wine lover, the Golden Palm, jumped off the page. A combination of Havana 3, Pinapple, Lime, and Sauvignon Blanc poured over a glass filled to the brim with ice.

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These guys offer up great quality and affordable seafood in the City.

The South Carolina Tea, made with Beefeater 24, Lemon, Watermelon and Early Grey came in at a close second. At this moment we finally felt the heat of the day begin to lift, and could begin to enjoy a sharer starter of Calamari, with chilli, lime and chilli mayo , and a seafood platter, which included oysters from Ireland and Jersey, a whole steamed lobster and a choice of 3 dips; lemon mayo, green nam jim (a selection of Asian herbs dressed in olive oil), and a ginger and yuzu dressing.

There are whole lobsters, half lobsters, lobster salads, lobster tails, lobster burgers and lobster rolls. All these fine looking pinky crustaceans are freshly sourced  from the oceans of Nova Scotia, lovingly prepared in house to look great on the plate. Alternatively, if you’re more in the mood for the turf rather than the surf, then B&L burgers won’t disappoint either.

These tasty meat patties, served in a toasted Brioche bun with chips and salad, are made from the best born and breed Nebraskan cows. The Original B&L 8oz Burger sits on a bed pickled cucumbers, red onions and B&L’s secret recipe sauce, and is cooked to your preference.

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The quality of the meat is unmissable and a steal at £15. If you are looking to add a quirky side dish to this surf and turf extravaganza, then we’d recommend the Grana Padano & Truffle chunky chips. A totally new take on the humble potato chip that is well worth trying.

For desert there are simply three options. The feast of lobster and burgers left little room, so I opted for 2 scoop of B&L ice cream. Mango Sorbet and Salted Caramel. Delicious! My guest went for the Classic Churros, which arrived heavily coated in salted caramel sauce. Way too sweet for my savoury plate, but they hit a note with my companion, who described the Churros as little pieces of fried doughy heaven!

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Surf ‘n’ turf sandwiched between two buns!

The Burger and Lobster restaurants are renowned for providing quality dishes at affordable prices. This summer season is no exception, as the restaurant has set their prices back to 2011 in celebration of their 10th anniversary, and are offering visitors a Whole Lobster, with lemon & garlic butter, fries and a side salad for just £20.

As the restaurants are popular, you may find there’s a little wait on the tables. That said, if you are lucky enough to walk in and be seated straight away then you are in for an enjoyable and winning take on the Classic American diner.

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