Culture Mile’s new family Play Packs for April


Culture Mile has taken its successful Play Packs project out into the streets in the run up to the Easter Holidays.

Their Play Packs were conceived in April 2020 by Culture Mile (the City of London’s cultural district stretching from Farringdon to Moorgate) and its partners for young people and their families at home in lockdown. Because we could only spend so much time baking banana bread with the kids.

The outdoor Play Packs in the Streets series takes a selection of Play Prompts and activities to locations around London as colourful poster displays.

Pose like a famous London building. Challenge your mate to a game of opposites. Create your own secret code of communication. Go cloud spotting. These are just a few of the Play Prompts that you’ll uncover. They’re challenging people to find all 16 of them!

Clearly, they are directed towards kids and adults, but they don’t have to be exclusively for them. Everyone can get something out of these.

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Learn a little more about the City of London. Photos by Odera Okoye.

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Over 12,000 physical packs have now been distributed to food banks and community centres across the City of London and neighbouring boroughs to provide materials to families who may not have online access or play resources.

The colourful activity bundles, designed by Dan Cottrell Studio include a range of activities from Culture Mile’s core partners – Barbican, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London Symphony Orchestra, and Museum of London – as well as partners from the City Family Arts Network, Culture Mile Learning, and partners from its wider artist network.

There is also a range of beautifully designed Playful Prompts with suggestions for easy fun ideas that families can do together, either, without involving any special equipment or that you can do with everyday household objects.

From making your own Roman Temple in your living room to recreating the River Thames out of all blue things in your house, the packs are about having fun together, with minimal equipment needed! The packs contain a range of creative materials that families can use with activities in the pack or to make masterpieces of their own, like chalk, stickers, crayons, and glue sticks.

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