November 10 will see the Square Mile taken over by the colourful Lord Mayor's Show, welcoming Peter Estlin to his new role as the Lord Mayor of the City of London.

It’s a welcome party like no other, and the man at the centre of it all says he can’t wait to begin life in the City’s most famous office with a memorable bang.

Billed as the noisiest, largest and most colourful event in the Square Mile calendar, this year’s Lord Mayor’s Show will introduce Peter Estlin to the City in unrivalled style.

Following the Silent Ceremony the night previous, when Mr Estlin will formally take over from incumbent Lord Mayor Charles Bowman, the new face of the City of London will take centre stage – his golden State Coach is rather unmissable – in a three-mile parade comprising 7,000 people, 200 horses, and 140 motor and steam-driven vehicles.

The merriment traces its roots back as far as the 13th-century, and has been an annual spectacle ever since.

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Young City students had the chance to ride in the famous golden Stage Coach before Show day.

“I am very much looking forward to the Lord Mayor’s Show, a hugely colourful and diverse occasion, and to serving as Lord Mayor for the coming year,” said Mr Estlin (inset).

“This wonderfully celebratory and inclusive event attracts a wide range of participants from home and abroad, all of whom clearly derive huge enjoyment from designing their floats, wearing their costumes, and being cheered on by the crowds along the route.”

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Peter Estlin will take over from incumbent Lord Mayor Charles Bowman. Photo by Jason Alden.

Cheered on by tens of thousands of people lining the streets and millions watching live BBC coverage and online streams at home, the parade will leave Mansion House, the Lord Mayor’s official residence, at 11am.

However, despite eyes tuning in from around the globe, the family-friendly focus of this year’s show remains very much within the Square Mile, with a range of activities taking place alongside the parade at Bloomberg Arcade and Paternoster Square, next to St Paul’s Cathedral.

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Expect a whole lot of colour and fanfare around the City for the Lord Mayor’s Show. Photo and feature image by Clive Totman.

The entertainment includes a funfair, food market, street artists, tours of the Cheapside area, and several companies showcasing the skills and technology needed to shape the future City of London.

However, while it would be easy to think otherwise, the day it is not just the ‘Peter Estlin’ show, as the man himself explained.

“My mayoral theme for the year, ‘Shaping Tomorrow’s City Today’, will drive home the message that our fast-changing society and access to new technology must be open to all, in particular, the elderly, poor, and disabled, many of whom are at risk of being left behind.”

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