Why we are obsessed with the new Biryani Empire meal kits


Earlier this month, Gunpowder restaurant launched its new delivery service – Biryani Empire. Now, we must admit that we had no idea what biryani was before we tried it out. But its super simple –in its most basic form, it’s an Indian rice dish. But these guys have made it so much more fun. The flavour-packed rice and meat dish is made into a damn sexy looking pie.

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The signature Biryani. Images by Safia Shakarchi

And their signature biryani the result of a 36-hour preparation. It is steamed on a low heat for several hours until the rice and meat are fragrant and tender, a cooking technique known as ‘dum’. The rice is then topped with shortcrust pastry to bind the flavours and garnished with fresh spices.

Plus Biryani Empire have two different options. Either opt for the lamb shank or the shahi mushroom, featuring slow cooked mushrooms, onions and spices. You can either get a smallish biryani for one or two people or go to town and have a feast with their massive biryani pies.

Because meals like these should always lead to leftovers. Reheated biryani is just as good the next day – we can testify to that. But the fun doesn’t end here.

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Designed to accompany the signature biryani, the wider menu features a bunch of other dishes such as Masala Chana Aloo Chaat, a popular street snack from Delhi; Achari Aloo Gobi – pickled cauliflower and potatoes; Pepper Chicken Fry, tossed with curry leaf, onions and spices; and beef Boti Kebab, marinated and slowly cooked over charcoal (we were obsessed with this bad boy!). Other sides include Hyderabadi Egg curry, Paneer butter Masala and Boondi & Kachumber Raita.

These are all available individually as well as part of a feasting selection. The team have created two DIY Feasting Kits which can be pre-ordered for delivery. These include a signature biryani, two side dishes and dessert to share. Completing the menu is their epic triple chocolate brownie, served with cardamom custard.

And finishing off all these dishes at home is super easy! No mixing or plating up is really required here. You just pop each bit in the oven, or in a pot over the stove to heat up. That way you get the perfect flaky pastry of the biryani – which hasn’t gone soggy after being delivered from Spitalfields. It’s all fresh. And it’s right up to the insanely tasty standards we’re used to getting from Gunpowder. Definitely add this to your DIY cooking kit wish list.

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